• Those students celebrating their last day of school and the end of their 5-year term at the Archbishop’s Minor Seminary in that far away May of 1968 never imagined that they would once again meet up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that day.

    This special event was held on the 8th May at The Archbishop’s Curia in Floriana, which then hosted the Minor and Major Seminaries.

    44 ex-students and a few ex-teachers had the opportunity to meet together once again, several of whom after 50 years.

    A Mass was celebrated at the St Calcedonius Chapel. Mgr Victor Grech, who was the Rector of the Seminary at that time, was the main celebrant. Assisting him were Mgr. Lawrence Gatt, the then Master of Discipline, and seven other priests of whom 3 ex-teachers and 4 ex-students.  An inevitably touching moment was that when a prayer was said in memory of 10 ex-students and ex-teachers who have since passed away. In his homily, Mgr Grech shared a few thoughts particularly fitting the occasion.

    A reception was then held in the collonaded courtyard,  during which everyone had the opportunity to mix, chat and reminisce about his schooltime days.  This courtyard had a special significance to all present since it is the place where practically the five school years were spent, being as it is, surrounded by what were then the classrooms.

    At the end of the event, the signs of joy and satisfaction were evident on the faces of all present. Fifty years had passed but for sure every moment of this unique occasion served as a rewarding throwback.  It managed to rekindle in the ex-students the gratitude and appreciation for the way the Minor Seminary had shaped their characters. A contribution by all those present was donated to the Archbishop’s Charity Fund.