• When 7-year-old Jacob observed a group of homeless people huddled together in a scaffolding, he didn’t waste time. As soon as he arrived home, he dashed upstairs to make a poster seeking donations to fill 10 backpacks to give away. But now he’s collected enough items for no fewer than 130 backpacks.

    Barely able to lift the backpack, Jacob shuffled down the street to deliver one of his packages. Its recipient, Dave, shares in the video above how rare it is for him to receive genuine kindness from others. “I normally get moaned and sweared and cursed at,” he says. “It’s not my fault I’m homeless. It’s nice seeing someone actually doing something and not criticizing us for being homeless.”

    This winter, with so many stranded outdoors in the cold, every little gift helps. All it takes is one small decision made a reality.

    Source: Aleteia