With reference to the aggressive stance taken today by the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) against Church Schools, Church authorities: 

1. will continue to ensure that the health and safety of educators, students and staff in all Church schools remains paramount, in adherence to the guidelines issued by Public Health Authorities. 

2. remain committed to continue providing over 17,000 students with the right to their education, despite the challenging situations being faced. 

3. recognise that parents/guardians have the right to protect their children and their household in the manner they deem most suitable. This includes children who require shielding, are on quarantine or cannot physically attend school for other reasons. 

4. believe in and trust the professionalism of their educators, and recognise the importance of e-learning, use of digital tools and of varied modalities mentioned in the Collective Agreement between the Church and the MUT. 

5. maintain continuous discussions with stakeholders, as long as the health and safety of all students and educators is prioritised, and the right to education within manageable parameters is recognised. 

Whilst regretting the position taken by MUT, which will negatively impact students, parents and educators, Church Schools will only be willing to engage in further discussions once the Union’s threats are withdrawn.