• The desire for children is a sacred one, and every effort made to help infertile couples embrace their own children must be praised and blessed. The dignity of this process of conception and birth demands that they are the fruit of the love between the biological father and mother of the child. When we start talking about men and women who donate their reproductive cells to third parties, we are destroying this essential union.

    The embryo, that is human life in its early stages, is endowed with dignity. When an embryo is frozen we are denying human life its natural process. Moreover, when an embryo is removed from the freezer, we are putting it in danger and death could ensue.

    Children who do not know where the seed of their father or the ovum of their mother came from are orphans because they will be denied access to the biological and cultural identity of their true parents.

    With the technology that the State would like to authorize, we are destroying the alphabet of creation. Not everything that can be done should be done. It is our duty to defend the voice of these children who have just been conceived; to defend the embryos who, as yet, have no voice. Read more.