• The shareholders of Beacon Media group announced the new board of directors as well as the editorial board. The group brings together all its media entities, mainly RTK, Newsbook and Media Centre.

    Chaired by Dr Gege Gatt, the new board of directors brings together an exciting blend of experiences ranging from legacy media to digital communication and operational management to theology. The members are Fr Joe Borg, Dr Franco Curmi, Mr David Brockdorff, Ms Maria Bugeja and Fr Eddie Zammit. Dr Michael Zammit Maempel is Board Secretary.

    In appointing these members, Archbishop Charles J Scicluna noted that the Church wishes to give a stronger voice to the people to defend and reflect their hopes, aspirations and needs, and to provide an oasis of encounter where everybody is free to express their opinion in a climate of mutual respect. Digital technology also offers a perfect opportunity for decentralised and participative communication and the new Board is tasked with furthering the growth and agility of these media channels.

    Beacon Media Group has started a transformative journey in which it places the digital-user and radio-listener at the very centre of its business activity. “Together, we will steer the group to have a more meaningful impact on important issues facing our society. We will lead by placing more focus on digital as a pathway to reach our audience. The Maltese public love what we’re doing, however, success is not an entitlement, but something that we will work to earn every day” said Dr Gatt.

    A new editorial board to monitor content has also been announced. Fr Joe Borg shall serve as chairman of the editorial board, while Prof Maryanne Lauri and Mrs Francesca Balzan have been appointed as members. “We aim to make content relevant to the lives of those who follow us and at the same time using the various media at our disposal to disseminate Catholic values and teachings,” said Fr Joe Borg.