• “Your journey through life is a bit difficult, dear children, because you have to be cured, overcome the disease or live with the disease, which is not easy,” the Pope said speaking to the sick children off-hand in Italian, with the help of interpreters.


    The Pope pointed out that they have many friends who help them a lot such as their family who help them move forward.  “There is no difficulty in life that cannot be won,” he stressed, adding that winning is different for each person according to one’s own way.  But the important thing is winning, the horizon that makes one move forward.  “Don’t be discouraged,” he urged.

    Guardian angel

    The Holy Father also reminded them that the Lord has assigned to each one a guardian angel to help us in life.  “Get used to talking to your angel, so that he may guard you, inspire you, and lead you always to victory in life,” he told the sick children.

    Turning to the caregivers, the Pope thanked them for taking care of these children, helping them to grow.  

    In a lighter mood, he told the children how important they were, because they needed two interpreters in order to listen and talk to the Pope.

    The Holy Father recited the “Hail Mary” prayer with the children before blessing them.

    Source: Vatican News