• Discern, the Institute for Research of the Signs of the Times, will be holding the Gaudium et Spes Lecture 2019 on the theme ‘A Church that looks forward’.

    The guest speaker will be David McLoughlin, Emeritus Fellow of Christian Theology at Newman University, who will look at the Church in the context of the culture wars in many countries today. The lecture will also focus on false news, which undermines political and social discourse and enables, through modern social media, the manipulation of minds and hearts on a global scale and at an unprecedented pace.

    David McLoughlin has helped to train priests, deacons, ministers and teachers for 30 years. He is the founder member of the Movement of Christian Workers, which aims to inspire working people to transform the world by transforming the world of work. He has been the President of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain and Vice President of the European Association of Catholic Theology. He is now the Emeritus Fellow of Christian Theology at Newman University and provides theological support for a number of charities and religious orders and movements including Pax Christi, Marriage Care, Caritas, MCW and ACTA.

    The lecture will be held at the Archbishop’s Curia in Floriana on Friday 4th October at 7pm. Everyone is invited to attend.